About Us

Ni and I, met in 1993 whilst studying for an Environmental Science Degree in London. Together we have kindled a passion for 20th Century style especially modernism and art deco design, a passion that fits very well with our eco principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

We moved to Norfolk when we bought the Control Tower in October 2011 with the aim of setting up not only our home but also a new shared livelihood of a small unique Art Deco B&B.

For us, this was a dream come true as not only did the Control Tower fit our desire to own a modernist building it also awakened a desire to understand its place in history; we have become as passionate about its past as we are about its future….


Ni & Claire Finds

Ni & Claire in the Control Tower guest living room with our finds 

Ni & Cillian 1999

Ni & Cillian playing cricket at Holkham 1999 

Why here.?… neither of us are strangers to the area as Ni’s Mum was from Sheringham and we holidayed here together with our son – Cillian, for 20 odd years. I have loved North Norfolk since I first arrived in our Hillman Super Minx back in 1994 to a holiday cottage in Binham for Ni it was always like coming home.

One of our greatest rewards is the opportunity of sharing with others what we are so lucky to have. We also appreciate that what we offer is not everybody’s cup of tea but if you like vintage style, a slower pace and things just a bit out of the ordinary then you have found the right place.

Claire & Ni

Claire Nugent & Nigel Morter


Our two adorable rescue cats from RSPCA – they now have RAF North Creake names (of course) Window & Mandrel. 

We keep them out of the B&B rooms and can keep them away from the other public areas if you have allergies or concerns about cats.

They have their own social life and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter using #ControlTowerCats

=^.^=      =^.^=

Control Tower Cats

Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast with a generous helping of history
The Control Tower, Bunkers Hill, Egmere, Walsingham, Norfolk NR22 6AZ
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